Bigger Books and Bigger Video!

It’s been an exciting few months since we launched Readeo, and things are heating up for the summer. We’re excited to announce important updates that should make Readeo even easier and more fun to use.

Bigger Books
First, the books and video in your BookChats will now scale to use every pixel of screen real estate you have. This means most of you will notice bigger pictures, bigger text, and bigger video the next time you’re on Readeo. It also means is that those of you using Readeo on your fancy netbooks will also be able to see the entire BookChat on the screen—eliminating the “fold” that may have temporarily hidden the controls below the book in the previous version.

Bigger Books
Second, how do you feel about being able to see the expressions on your child’s face in greater detail—almost life-size? Would you like to video chat before your read a book? At the end of the book? How about somewhere in the middle? Now you can! Just click the “Maximize Video” button to take it full-width and enjoy talking face-to-face at any point in your BookChat.

Also- did you know we just added a host of new books to Readeo? More are coming soon so log on to Readeo and read Bear in Underwear, That’s What Grandmas Are For, and other great new titles today. Plus, stay tuned for an even BIGGER Readeo announcement in the coming weeks.


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