Ten Reasons to Read with Children

We know that reading with children is one of the most important activities you can do with a child. The American Association of School Librarians and the Family Literacy Foundation give us ten reasons to read with children:

1. The security a child feels when a loved one reads to them can help a child develop healthy self-esteem.
2. Communication between children and adults in the home is increased through reading aloud.
3. Children are led to discovering new information about letters, numbers, colors, and shapes in an age-appropriate way.
4. Reading aloud with children helps develop language skills, listening skills, memory, and vocabulary that will set your child up for a successful education.
5. Reading aloud helps children gain creativity and imagination.
6. Children have the opportunity to learn more about the world around them through reading aloud.
7. Children can begin to develop their personal interests in various subjects such as cars, outer space, or monkeys.
8. Through reading, children can learn about social norms and good behavior patterns.
9. Children learn to have a good attitude about themselves and others around them through reading.
10. Children learn to love reading!

At least fifteen minutes a day has to be set aside for reading aloud to our children. Our little-ones will be better prepared for school and for life, by giving their brain the stimulation that it needs when they are young. Fifteen minutes a day is 1% of our day. Even the busiest moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, or uncles can set aside 1% of the day. And now with Readeo’s BookChat, no matter where you are on the planet, you can engage in reading aloud with your loved one.