Tips for Connecting Long Distance with Children

Tips for Connecting Long Distance with Kids – Allow Your Relationship to Grow

The relationship between a child and their parent is a precious one. As a grandparent, parent, military family, or frequent business traveler, we all can find ourselves away from the children we love. Whatever the reason may be for you to be a long way from your child, you need some tips for connecting long distance with kids. Thanks to this age of technology, it is very possible to stay in touch even over hundreds or thousands of miles. You may only be gone for a weeks, a year or two, or indefinitely. Whatever the case may be, you should not lose contact with your child. Here are some things you can do.

Sending gifts is one way to connect long distance with kids. They love to see some of the things you have access to wherever you are. This is a logical tip if you are going to be gone for a long time. Otherwise, you could bring a gift back with you instead of mailing it. They do not need to be expensive, but simply something that made you think of your child—perhaps a new book you know they will love.

Telling stories is a great way to encourage a growing relationship despite the distance. Let your child know the things you have been up to or retell a story they are particularly fond of. Either way, they will love hearing your voice. This can be done over the phone, in a letter, or with a recording you send to your child.

Using video chat is a good way to stay connected as well. This is more enjoyable and interactive than a simple telephone conversation. You may want to set up a time to meet online with your child over the phone with your spouse or other caregiver who is with the child so you are not disappointed if they cannot talk when you “pop in” for a conversation with your child. For this method to work, you and your child will both need web cams and high speed internet.

There is a way to combine all of these tips for connecting long distance with kids. Readeo’s BookChat is your best source for staying in touch with your child long distance. BookChat allows you to read digital children’s books to them. You’ll see each other and turn pages together despite the miles that separate you physically. This is a better option than Skype because it creates a meaningful shared experience and promotes literacy.