Why I Love Being A Grammie

Grammie Leslie

One of my favorite callings in life is being a Grandma (or “Grammie”, as my little grandsons call me). It’s the simple things that make our relationship so special—things like reading a book, playing with cars, or even going shopping together.

Birthday shopping with 5-year-old Matthew is the most fun I’ve had in a long time! To say he was excited is a huge understatement. With him strapped in his booster seat grinning from ear to ear – off we went to Toys R Us.

He thought he knew what he wanted when we walked into the store, but then realized the possibilities were pretty much endless. Up and down the isles we walked hand in hand checking out all the goods.

“Does this cost too much Grammie?” “Wow – this is cool.”

We looked at toy guns, cars, Transformers, Legos, motorcycles, Zhu Zhu pets – everything a darling 5 year old could dream of and hope for.

“I can’t decide Grammie – what do you think?”

Back to the aisle with the Zhu Zhu pets.

“Should I get the boat or the police station?”

“Well Mattie,” I said; “ how bout it we get both.”

“No, I think I just want the police station, but can I get a Zhu Zhu pet for Ian?”

What? You can have both and you only want the boat?”

What kind of a kid is that? That’s Matthew for ya – sweet, thoughtful, adorable, frugal, Matthew!

So I bought the police station AND the boat and a Zhu Zhu pet for Ian, his little brother – which Matthew picked out for him.

I really can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed being a “Grammie” more. But then, that’s how I always feel when I’m with my Grandkids.

I can hardly wait for Ian’s birthday!



This was a guest post sent in by “Grammie,” a happy Readeo user and grandmother of three. It’s the third installment of our Grandparents Week series—where we explore Grandparents Day and the joys of grandparenting. Catch up on the previous entries here: Grandparents Day (week!), and Grandparents Day Fun Facts.