Better Than Skype

Better Than Skype for Children

Readeo takes a Skype-like video chat and adds over 150 of the best children’s books for an experience that keeps kids’ attention longer, fosters a love of reading and lets you share story time no matter how far apart you are. But don’t just take our word for it. See why our users prefer Readeo to Skype.

Longer Interactions

Our users report that interactions on Readeo last almost 10 minutes longer per session than video chats using Skype alone.
Heather J., CA

“Readeo is so much better than Skype! My daughter usually outlasts the grandparents with Readeo. Most recently, she was on nearly 1 hour with one of her grandpas!”
Heather J., California

Better Overall Experience

9 out of 10 Readeo users say using Readeo is better than using Skype with children.
Tere M Testimonial

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our grandson begs his mom everyday to call Grandma and Papa (on Readeo)! And, then he pays attention and wants one more book no matter how many we have already read!!!”
Tere M., Utah

Better at Capturing Attention

Nearly 75% of our users say it’s difficult to keep a child’s attention using Skype alone, however, over 90% of our users say keeping a child’s attention isn’t a problem using Readeo!

Ashley W testimonial

“We love Readeo…our daughters grandparents always wanted to read her books via Skype and it never kept her attention! Now we have Readeo which is best of both worlds!”
Ashley W., Indiana

Try Readeo For Yourself

Find out why our customers prefer Readeo to Skype with our free 14-day trail!


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