Book Release Recap!

Hello Readeo-ers! We hope you have been enjoying all of the wonderful books we have in our library. Whether they are old favorites or new classics we hope to provide the best books for you and your children to explore. Over the last week, we have added 5 new titles to our selection! We know that these new books from Blue Apple Books and Simon & Schuster are sure to be favorites in your home. Continue reading below to find out more about our new books!

Alistair & Kip’s Great Adventure

written by John Segal

illustrated by John Segal

Alistair, a bored cat, coaxes his canine pal, Kip, to join him in first making a boat, then sailing off in it. But when a wave deposits them on what they think is an island, they’re in for even more excitement. Printed with permission of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, a Division of Simon & Schuster Inc.

Circus Parade

written by Harriet Ziefert

illustrated by Tanya Roitman

Come one, come all to a circus parade! “Flags are waving! Horns are blowing! Hear the cheers. The crowd is growing.” Dancing girls on horseback, clowns, jugglers and acrobats fill the streets. But what beats all is the drummer at the caboose that thrums the refrain: “A-rum-a-tee, rum-a-tee… rum-a-tee-tum!”

Does a Chimp Wear Clothes?

written by Fred Ehrlich, M.D.

illustrated by Emily Bolam

“Does a polar bear wear boots?” says the text under an illustration of a white bear in red-and-white polka-dot boots. “Never,” reads the answer. “A polar bear has hairy pads on his feet…. It does not need boots.” Another silly question (“Does a duck wear diapers?”) leads nicely to human babies.

The Racecar Alphabet

written by Brian Floca
illustrated by Brian Floca

Racecars dating back as far as the turn of the 20th century and a very simple text lead youngest car-lovers through their ABCs. “Automobiles–machines on wheels,” line up at the starting line. “Belts turning, fuel burning,…The flap of a flag–a race begins!” The cars also appear in numerical order (1, 2, 3, etc.). Printed with permission of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, a Division of Simon & Schuster Inc.

Stella is a Star

written by Bernadette Peters

illustrated by Liz Murphy

Princess Pig, who is neither princess nor pig (but is “in fact, a dog named Stella”) thinks she will find friends if she enrolls in Madame Cochons “If Pigs Could Fly School of Dance.” The lessons she learns there are far bigger than ballet.