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Share Story Time—Even When You’re Away

Work often takes us away from the children we love. And while traveling might sometimes be necessary, missing our kids doesn’t have to be. Readeo set out to create a special experience that you can have with a special child from anywhere. No more missed bedtime stories.

As long as you have a webcam and Internet connection you can read to your child or grandchild from anywhere. Whether it’s after the big meeting, back at the hotel room, or next to the pool (after work, of course)—Readeo is the perfect tool to help you be close to your family during those times when you can’t stay close.

What do I need?

  • Children or Grandchildren in the 0 to 8 age range
  • A Member account
  • High speed Internet and a webcam

What do My Friends and Family Need?

  • Guest accounts – they’re free! We’ll help you send Guest invitations to your family when you create your Member account – it’s easy and you can send as many invitations as you would like
  • High speed Internet and a webcam

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