Customer Testimonials

Readeo Customer Testimonials

The boys had a great time reading their books with daddy! We are excited for the opportunity for him to be able to read with the boys over [his deployment]. Thanks again for offering this to us!

– Megan L.

We all (wife, me, son and 2 grandchildren) thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to using it often…we found the site to be extremely easy to use at both ends, very clear and a lot of fun (feel free to quote me on that).

– Norris F.

I LOVED it and so did my 2 grandsons aged 2 and 4! We spent 40 minutes at it and they were entranced by it. My daughter-in-law commented that she loved it too because she got all the laundry folded. I totally love Readeo! Thanks for a great product.

-Leslie C.

Our little grandson, who lives in Shanghi loved this story. Everytime we start reading to him he just begs for one more story after another! He stays glued to the pages! Thanks for what you are doing!

– Tere M.

We love readeo! What a great idea- this is so nice for us expats that live abroad, who are very far from our parents. Both moms loved reading to my son.

– Lisa B.

The quality of interaction changes with Readeo, my children ask questions of family, just as shoes factory,comment on the pictures they love and ask to talk with their uncle and aunt again the next day.

We would just like to thank you for such a wonderful resource! It allows our daughter to interact with her grandparents. It also gives us a chance for her to see her Daddy when he on business trips. It also allows us to read great books that are never in stock at the library! Thank you again!

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