Daddies and Babies and Octopi…Oh My!

Dear Readeo Friends,

This month, we add four new books: three that star furry and finned creatures, and one book about an imaginative little girl named Lola.

In Lola Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw, Lola goes to the library with her father each Saturday to check out books. Each new story inspires her to use her imagination to become a fairy princess, a pilot who travels to far-off places, or a farmer taking care of her animals. See if your little reader notices the homage to a very famous children’s book on the last page.

In Bunny’s Lessons by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Barroux, we learn alongside Bunny, the stuffed companion of a boy named Charlie. Bunny learns not only about concepts like the “loud” sound of the tuba, but also about emotions (like feeling lonely when Charlie goes to school). Perhaps you’ll notice Harriet Ziefert’s signature humor from her books There Was a Little Girl, She Had a Little Curl and the Posey books, just to name a few.

Another fun creature book, Wiggle Like an Octopus! by Caldecott Medalist Simms Taback, introduces a group of creatures as they swim, slither and otherwise make their way to the beach. You may recognize Simms Taback’s artwork from his other books in our Readeo Library, Mommies and Babies, as well as 1 2 3 and 4 5 6.

A perfect pairing with Mommies and Babies is another new addition, Daddies and Their Babies from best-selling Belgian author Guido Van Genechten. The stimulating, high-contrast illustrations teach babies and toddlers about the names of various baby animals, from the tiny “fish daddy” and his “baby fry” to the huge “daddy rhinoceros” and his “baby calf.” Check out his other books in our Readeo library, including the Ricky series, The Big Sleep Book and The Big Baby Book, as well as Look at That! Farm Animals and Look at That! Wild Animals.

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With all my best,

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