About BookChatting

About BookChatting

Bedtime Stories From Faraway Lands

Readeo takes a Skype-like video chat and adds over 150 of the best children’s books for an experience that keeps kids’ attention longer, fosters a love of reading and lets you share story time no matter how far apart you are. We call it BookChatting. And it lets you stay connected with the children you love whether you’re a traveling parent, a long-distance grandparent, a family separated by divorce or a member of the military.

What is a BookChat™?

Our patent-pending BookChat service lets you and your loved ones flip through the pages of a virtual book while seeing and talking to one another—just like if you were in the same room. During a BookChat, the pages of the story appear on the computer screen and you can see, hear and talk to one another through video chat windows at the bottom of the screen. Either member of a BookChat can turn the pages of the book for a truly interactive experience.

What Makes BookChatting Better Than Skype

Reading to a child through a video chat service like Skype can be cumbersome at best. Either you have to hold the book up to the webcam, resulting in limited visibility for the child. Or, both sides of the video chat need to have a copy of the book. With Readeo, both sides of a BookChat can see and flip through the pages of the story. Thanks to this highly interactive experience, Readeo users report that BookChats last almost 10 minutes longer per session than Skype and 9 out of 10 or our users say BookChatting is better than using Skype with children.

How Do I Start BookChatting?

To start BookChatting, all you need is a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, a Readeo Member Account and, of course, a love of books! All Member Accounts include a 14-Day Free Trial and take just 60 seconds to set up. The best part? Only one side of a BookChat needs to have a Member Account to read any book from the Readeo Library. That means you can share story time with as many kids as you’d like for just $9.99/month as long as they have a free Guest Account.

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