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Each title in our carefully crafted library is hand-picked by Jenny Brown, our editor. As the former children’s book reviews editor for Publisher’s Weekly, Jenny is a children’s book expert and has spent the last 25 years reviewing children’s books for publishers, teachers, and parents. If a book doesn’t pass Jenny’s muster, it doesn’t make it onto our virtual shelves. Set up your Member account and begin reading today!

Books by Publisher

Blue Apple Books   Candlewick Press
Includes books such as: Lines that Wiggle, Mighty Max, and Does a Camel Cook. View all by Blue Apple Books.   Includes books such as: Bunny My Honey, Not Norman: A Goldfish Story, and The Circus Ship. View all by Candlewick Press
Chronicle Books   Simon & Schuster
Includes books such as: Little Pea, An Egg is Quiet, and Little Hoot. View all by Chronicle Books.   Includes books such as: Rhyming Dust Bunnies, LMNO Peas, and The Fathers Are Coming Home. View all by Simon & Schuster.
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