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As a child, did you ever dream of owning an exotic pet, like a tiger or a giraffe? I wholeheartedly sang along with Gayla Peevey,“I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” and thought she made it sound so practical and reasonable. And she’d apparently done her research, too: the hippo was clearly no danger (being a vegetarian) and there was plenty of room to house him in the two-car garage (where she could also give him a massage).

Why have a cat or a hamster, my small self reasoned, when I could have a hippo instead?

In November’s featured title, Me and My Dragon by David Biedrzycki, the little boy decides that–while it’s okay for some kids to want a dog or a cat–for him, only a dragon will do. Readers of all ages will appreciate this imaginative and charming exploration of what it would be like to own such an exotic, fire-breathing pet.

The adorable, bright red dragon starts out small, showcased in the window of “Eddie’s Exotic Pets,” hilariously grouped with a tiny chihuahua and two concerned-looking puppies. But the adventure grows, along with the dragon, as the pair goes camping (fire-breathing dragons are perfect for making s’mores), trick-or-treats, and even helps the community by clearing some snowy driveways.

Parents wishing to raise only the most responsible pet-owners will also appreciate the little boy’s attentiveness to his new pet, which includes a check-up at the vet, daily walks, filling Sparky’s bowl with “Dragon Chow,” and regular bathtimes. Ask your readers to look for the tiny animal Biedrzycki has hidden on almost every page, and while BookChatting, talk about what kind of exotic pet they’d like to have. Discuss what kind of care a dinosaur would need, or where they’d keep their pet rhinoceros.

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A special thank you to Charlesbridge for making this book available to read for free during November.

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