Mishaps, Mistakes and Moments of Learning

Dear Readeo Friends,

One of my favorite children’s book additions this month is a sweet and heartwarming story, Puppy is Lost, by one of Readeo’s most popular authors, Harriet Ziefert. When Max discovers that Puppy is missing, readers immediately empathize with him as he calls Puppy home for dinner, searches high and low, and finally walks home, dejected and worried. We’re also treated to the apprehensive thought bubbles of little Puppy, lost and confused, as she wanders about the city. The vivid, high-octane collage-style illustrations from Noah Woods reinforce the feelings and textures of the busy city. Read what happens when Max and Puppy get the same great idea to go back to where they last saw one another.

Another new addition, Oops! by Leo Timmers, is full of mishaps (this time self-inflicted) when Piggy decides to brave the sledding hill alone despite Mommy and Daddy’s warnings. Readers of all ages will enjoy the funny illustrations of Piggy narrowly missing penguins in goofy hats, alligators in ski sweaters, and vultures on an expedition, all the while learning about the concepts of “around,” over,” “under,” and “between.” Who will Piggy meet when he reaches the bottom with a crash?

In two new additions for older readers, Grin and Bear It and Bear in Pink Underwear, we meet two little bears who are faced with big problems. The bear in Grin and Bear It by Leo Landry has a bad case of stage fright when he attempts to perform onstage, and believes his dreams of stand-up comedy are over. And the star of Bear in Pink Underwear, by Todd H. Doodler, finds that his lucky underwear have been dyed pink in an unfortunate laundry mishap! But with determination, and with a little help from their friends, both bears find a way to fulfill their goals (in soccer and elsewhere…) If your reader enjoys Bear in Pink Underwear, check out Bear’s other silly undergarment adventures in Bear in Long Underwear, as well as the original Bear in Underwear, also found in the Readeo library.

In our final new book, mistakes and mishaps do happen, even if you’re the best-behaved, most polite fairy at Fairy School. In My Little Troublemaker by Thierry Robberecht and Philippe Goosens, a little fairy finds herself doing all sorts of naughty things in response to an unkind classmate. As the story unfolds, readers learn that even perfect fairies can have bad days, and children and adults alike must choose to curb their rash impulses.

We have lots of great new books to share with you, so please check back soon for a post about even more additions to enjoy with your loved ones this month.

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Happy reading!

Kristen Johnson

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