Readeo Ambassador Program

What is Readeo?

Readeo is a patent-pending web-based service that lets families read with children from anywhere in the world! As long as both sides have Internet and webcams, they can read together as if they were in the same room. Readeo’s library is stocked with over 100 books from the best children’s book publishers – including Simon and Schuster. Readeo is the perfect way to meaningfully connect with a young child from a distance.

What is the Readeo Ambassador Program?

Readeo Ambassadors are passionate about families and literacy. They sell Readeo to grandparents, military families, business travelers, divorced families, and others who might not live near children they love.

How do Readeo Ambassadors Share Readeo?

Many Ambassadors find it easy to share Readeo with friends and family through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. They also receive promotional materials that can be placed at libraries, day care facilities, schools, etc. Ambassadors tailor the program to fit them and their personality. Some make presentations in senior centers or contact their local media to have a story written in the local newspaper.

How are Readeo Ambassadors Compensated

Readeo Ambassadors are paid on a commission basis. Ambassadors receive a unique coupon code which is good for one month free when entered at the Readeo checkout. The code gives the Ambassador a special offer to share and gives Readeo a way to credit the Ambassador for his / her work. The Readeo Ambassador Program Commission Plan outlines the specific commission plan details.

How do I get Started?

The first step to become a Readeo Ambassador is to e-mail us and tell us why you think you’d be a great Ambassador. We’ll then schedule some time for a phone call to give you a demo of the service and learn more about why you’d be a great Ambassador. It’s easy, just e-mail to get started today!


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