Ambassador: Compensation Plan

Readeo Ambassador Compensation Plan

When you sign someone up to Readeo, you help that person stay connected with children and promote literacy. As if that’s not enough, we offer you some other great benefits as a Readeo Ambassador! The Readeo Ambassador Program is new and we’re kicking it off in style!

Before we explain the benefits, we need to explain Member account types:

Trial Member – when someone creates a Member account using your Ambassador code, they’ll receive 1 month of Readeo service for free. During this free month, we’ll refer to the Member as a Trial Member.

Full Blown Member – Trial Members are billed for the first time at the end of their trial period (one month for Ambassador referrals). Once we charge their credit card once, we consider that person a Member a Full Blown Member.

You’ll receive $40 for each Full Blown Member account that you refer to Readeo. However, through the end of March 2011, you’ll also get an additional $20 incentive for every Trial Member you sign up. This means you can make up to $60 for each account you sell!

Benefit Summary:

  • $20 bonus for every Trial Member signed up through the end of March
  • $40 commission each time a Trial Member reaches Full Blown Member status
  • 3 months of Readeo service for free
    • Once you sell ten accounts, you’ll earn an additional year of Readeo service for free

Payments will be made by PayPal or check.

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