Readeo Press Materials

Readeo Press Materials

Are you writing a story about:

  • How today’s grandparents are staying in-touch with their young grandchildren?
  • Resources for divorced families and/or long-distance parenting?
  • How military families are keeping connected across the distance?
  • The rise of digital or interactive children’s books?
  • Unique ways families are using Skype or other video chat?

Your story isn’t complete until you’ve looked at Readeo.

Company Background

Readeo offers an ever-growing library of online children’s books—with one fantastic twist: read them together whether you’re in the same room or thousands of miles apart.

Our patent-pending product combines award-winning children’s books with high-quality video chat to create a shared reading experience called BookChat™. In a BookChat, participants can see, hear, read and interact with children, grandchildren, and other friends and family members—just as if they were in the same room.

BookChat holds a child’s attention longer, is more rewarding to use, and creates an experience that builds relationships through face-to-face story time—from any distance.

With publishing partners including Simon & Schuster, Candlewick Press, Chronicle Books and Blue Apple Books, Readeo is committed to bringing the best children’s books online—for sharing storytime no matter the distance.

Official Readeo Press Releases:

Media Downloads


How Readeo came about as an idea and how it’s keeping Oliver in-touch with his grandpa

A brief overview of how to use Readeo

See a real-life BookChat between Readeo Users

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