Toddler Time!

Dear Readeo Friends,

A trio of children’s books this week helps your toddler identify parts of his or her daily life.

Two books by Liesbet Slegers, the author we featured in December, put names to aspects of a toddler’s everyday routines. In Playing, a child kicks a ball, builds a “high tower” of blocks, and puts everything in his red wagon at the end of playtime. Bathing begins with the moment the water runs into the bathtub, continues through washing up with soap and playing with a toy boat, and ends with a child being lovingly wrapped in a “warm and cuddly” towel.

Has your child ever had to share a favorite toy with a pet? That’s what happens to young Willy one morning in I Must Have Bobo by Eileen Rosenthal, illustrated by Marc Rosenthal. Willy wakes up and cannot find his sock monkey, Bobo. Where could he be? Does Earl the cat know where he is? And what will Willy do without Bobo to make him brave enough to go down the slide and walk by the big dog down the street?

I Must Have Bobo

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Jenny Brown is the editor for Readeo and oversees all book selection for the site. She has worked in the children’s book world for the past 25 years, holding positions with HarperCollins and Scholastic, and was the Children’s Books Reviews Editor for Publishers Weekly.  She currently writes for School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Shelf Awareness. Jenny graduated from Princeton University. You can read more from Jenny on her Web site, Twenty by Jenny.

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