Recordable Storybooks

Researchers have done numerous studies to explain to parents how valuable reading aloud can be in child development. It teaches children about the world around them, stimulates brain growth, and speeds up literacy; however, this is only half the picture. Reading with a child also helps create a stronger bond between a child and loved one due to the intimacy involved in reading aloud– sitting on the lap or close to the reading partner, teaching words or information, and meaningful discussion. However, what can you do when you’re not actually together?

Readeo makes it possible to read with a child in real time over the Internet. By integrating video chat with digital children’s books, Readeo’s BookChat creates a long-distance reading interaction that is as close as it gets to having the child in your lap. Sometimes though, work or life takes us further than our computers can follow, and when it does, there are recordable storybooks.

Hallmark created Hallmark Recordable Storybooks and has several books available for purchase that can record your voice as you read a children’s book. Your voice will then play every time a child opens the book to begin reading. To set it up, you just press record and begin reading. You can record your reading as many times as you like. Once you are finished, you simply press save.

Recordable storybooks make it possible for children to still have mom or dad read a bedtime story even if they are in a meeting or grandma or grandpa can still read to grandchildren after they are gone. Reading goes beyond just benefiting our children academically; it lets them know how much we love them. Whether you’re in a rocking chair with your child on your lap, using Readeo, or a recordable storybook, be sure you are still finding ways to bond with your child through reading.