SpouseBUZZ: What Happens in Vegas

We just have to say it: “Mil Spouses” are awesome.

We spent last weekend at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada with around 200 of our country’s finest. The SpouseBUZZ Live event was put on by the good folks over at‘s SpouseBUZZ, and since we believe Readeo can be a huge benefit to military families who are usually stationed far from those they love, we sponsored a table there to get to know these good people and offer them Readeo accounts in thanks for everything they do for our country.

It was a fantastic event that showed the true class of the presenters. The show was completely free to attendees and offered panels and discussions on the trials and sometimes humorous experiences of being a military spouse, life insurance tips, and a sort of personal storytelling experience. Oh- and there was great food and thousands of dollars worth of prizes given out.

SpouseBUZZ Live at Nellis Air Force Base
Readeo’s little table (left) and the very funny Mollie Gross entertaining the crowd (right)

Vince, the MC for SpouseBUZZ, called it “a sort of revival” and I think he was right. At it’s core, SpouseBUZZ Live is a group of people bound together by common experience, common goals, and a common desire to support others in similar situations. It was a time for people to open up and share their knowledge, trials, and triumphs with what were essentially strangers, but who treated each other like—and eventually became family.

I came away with a much greater respect for the people who really support our troops: their spouses.

A special thanks to and SpouseBUZZ for having us, and to the good ladies (and a few men, too) who shared their stories with us while we were there. You can see more pictures with a complete rundown of the event on the SpouseBUZZ blog here.